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Which Type of Laminating Film Do You Need?

When you’re searching for laminating film, it’s necessary to consider both the type of project you’re working on and the type of laminator you already own. Totally different laminating machines have different necessities and using the wrong laminating provides can destroy both your project and your machine!

You’ve a number of options when it comes to laminating film (and subsequently laminators). Depending on your needs—Glossy or matte end? Which mil thickness? How much do it’s essential laminate?—you could need a distinct type of film.

So as to avoid any disasters, we’re breaking down different types of laminating film and when it is best to use them.

Thermal, Hot Laminating Film

Thermal laminators, also known as heat shoe or scorching roll laminators, are normal office equipment. These laminators use thermal laminating film, which makes use of a heat-activated adhesive to safe your projects, leaving a crystal clear finish. This is the usual laminating film that you simply’re likely used to. (In case you have a pouch laminator, you may still use thermal laminating pouches to help you with those smaller projects.) Hot laminators are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to laminate anything from business cards to wide-format posters.

Uses for Thermal Laminating Film

The makes use of for thermal laminating film are incredibly diversified merely because so many projects can deal with the high temperatures used with hot roll laminators. Consider using thermal laminating film for projects reminiscent of…

Paperwork (letter-size and bigger)


ID cards and business cards

Banner and display graphics (not all banner materials are appropriate with thermal films – please contact us to see if yours is)

Restaurant menus

Authorized documents

Low Melt Laminating Film

Low soften laminating film is a strong, center-ground alternative between thermal laminating and cold laminating. Low soften film is still a type of thermal laminating, but it has a lower melting point and is comprised of adhesive types instead of one. The decrease melting level makes this type of laminating film nice for digital prints, commercial artwork, and some ink jet media.

Cold Pressure-Sensitive Roll Laminating Film

Cold roll laminators (additionally known as pressure-sensitive laminators) are designed to work with laminating roll film made of pressure-sensitive adhesive. These laminators are perfect for any project that has temperature-sensitive inks. Cold laminators and laminating film roll are available in a wide range of sizes.

Uses for Cold Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film

Because pressure-sensitive laminators don’t use thermal lamination, they’re excellent for anything that could get distorted, melt, or has a coating, like…

Shiny photograph media

Digital and ink jet prints


Banners and signs

Out of doors graphics that require UV protection

What to Consider in Laminating Film

While laminating film is without doubt one of the most important office supplies for a lot of corporations, you may not know precisely what to look for. It’s not just temperature it’s essential consider about laminating film. The end, thickness, and roll size are all key parts in selecting a laminating film.

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