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ONPASSIVE Review — Scam Or Legit?

There was a buzz about this company that offers artificial intelligence options along with MLM opportunities.

Some say it’s a scam while other ONPASSIVE reviews say that it is legit, so what is it?

This ONPASSIVE assessment will assist you to to understand if this opportunity is legit or a rip-off by reviewing all the information and figures and then evaluating it alongside the laws and laws from places like the SEC and FTC.

We hope that the ONPASSIVE opportunity isn’t a rip-off, however will dig deep to see what it truly is all about.

ONPASSIVE Assessment

As a potential member, it’s always really useful to be careful and put in research work as attainable on any offer you’re considering. Although ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence platform provides AI instruments for entrepreneurs to use, there are still a number of organizations that want to convince you to spend your hard-earned money with them. This can make it pretty difficult to determine if the “business opportunity” is legit or not. To make things even more difficult, you’re unlikely to search out factual and valuable data on different websites.

By collecting appropriate regulatory data from sources such because the Security and Alternate Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and comparing them with those of what the companies normally claim, we’re in a greater position to suggest you identify if a scheme is a rip-off or not.

In this ONPASSIVE Evaluation, we’ll be investigating the company, the owner, and its products and services. We’ll additionally look at the varied compensation plans that ONPASSIVE offers and how they claim that will help you make money.

ONPASSIVE is a business resolution platform that’s pushed by the ability of Artificial Intelligence. The AI tools offered by ONPASSIVE supports companies in a number of elements, from domain registration to digital marketing. Nonetheless, the data that’s shared on the website shows that ONPASSIVE is still in its pre-launch stage. This indicates that few of the data available presently would possibly change as soon as they launch. However how much it will change nobody can say that for positive, however you’ll be able to relaxation assured that we will keep you posted with any latest developments.

We know up to now that ONPASSIVE is presently being promoted under the GoFounders banner, and it permits its members to earn commissions based on an MLM structure. Along with the AI tools, it also requires members to recruit others and build a group before they qualify for commissions.

Firm Overview

ONPASSIVE is in its pre-launch stage, but the program is presently hosted on the “GoFounders.com” platform.

Although the domain name “onpassive.com” has created a listing, we will deal with the GoFounders website and different relevant company data behind ONPASSIVE’s launch.

Our research shows that the domain “gofounders.com” was registered privately. Hence, there is no such thing as a additional info available. Nonetheless, we discovered that the GoFounders site was registered in the 12 months 2018.


We found that Ash Mufareh is the founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE and GoFounders. Additional info from his Facebook web page and Linkedin profile describe him because the CEO of GFI Fusion. They are a group that advertises the GDI opportunity. This opportunity is available within the hosting and domain name segment and in addition gives MLM investments.

Surprisingly, Mufareh has a past affiliation with passive earnings opportunity corporations that don’t often seem to finish well.

Beginning with TelexFree, this enterprise was shut down by the SEC in 2014. After that, the company was accused, and the issues ended in a heavy legal mess.

Another business that Ash Mufareh was associated with is PayDiamond. This one additionally shut down in 2018. ONPASSIVE was based after the closure of PayDiamond.


Relying on what we now have seen so far from the documentation and marketing videos, ONPASSIVE will not offer any retailable products or services. When you sign up as an affiliate member, you possibly can access what they call “ad credits.”

Associates can then utilize these ad credits to promote their websites on the ONPASSIVE platform itself to an viewers of members of the platform only. We came upon that there will be some type of on-line training, though that info will apparently change into more clear after the launch.

ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan Breakdown

Now let’s focus on their compensation plans and how the associates earn commission on every plan.

ONPASSIVE gives a particular type of MLM opportunity along with its AI tools. When they ultimately launch, their compensation plan will operate relying on an MLM matrix, with the members qualifying for recurring commissions.

Associates can have access to a recurring subscription, and so they will be able to earn residual commissions from any of the matrix tiers.

This is an exciting model, and we think that if things are set up accurately, and the opportunity follows the MLM laws and regulations, it may really work for the associates, however that we shall find out in time.

The MLM Compensation Plan

ONPASSIVE gives the affiliates positions in its 4X3 by 10 MLM matrix; therefore, to sign up, you are required to buy positions in these matrices.

After that is carried out, the next step is to fill your matrix. This happens by direct and indirect sponsoring from you or through sponsoring from your upline.

In every matrix, on the topmost level, there are three positions. These positions are multiplied on the subsequent level to produce nine more spots and doubled a number of instances till the matrix rises to 10 levels.

As individuals fill up the vacant spots in your matrix, you’ll be qualified to earn commissions on these spots.

The positions on each level are filled up from each sides — left and right. After the recent members joins they’re required to begin and build their own matrix, however their endeavors will contribute to the commissions which might be payable to you.

If you’re ready to find out more information on onpassive scam visit the internet site.

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