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How To Get More Traffic With Creating Of Social Bookmarks Sites

Bookmarks are perhaps the best way to market a business in order to get long lasting results. Due to their functionality, they are perhaps the only marketing tool that allows you to simply state your ideas while also being a lasting reminder of your business. Bookmarks also allow you to supply your customer with a gift that they can use on a daily basis. However, there are a few design tactics that should be utilized in order to get the most from your campaign.

Extra Durable – Make sure that the bookmark is durable. This will ensure that your bookmark will withstand the everyday wear and tear of handling. We suggest using a heavy 14 pt. glossy cardstock. This will ensure longevity and will also motivate the recipient to hang on to it for a longer period of time.

In less than two hours, you can set up accounts with a bunch of bookmark sites. Once you are set up with each account, you can begin filling in the information you will be prompted to enter. There are demonstrations on the Internet showing you the exact procedure and going step by step.

If you bookmark a site when you first build your site, social bookmark will bring spiders to your sites, such as Inktomi, Yahoo’s spider, they cache your pages and release them over a period of time. Social booking places a specific importance of your site if it is seen on many different platforms, thus creating indexing and ranking for your keywords.

Both, IE and Mozilla Firefox allow you to export your bookmarks to an html file that you can store on your hard disk, floppy disk or CD. This provides a back up in case you lose your bookmarks (if you have to re-format your hard disk because of a virus, for example). You can import the bookmarks from the file at any time.

That takes care of creating the image itself, but how do you publish this once you are done? Before publishing it, you need to convert it from a simple image into an icon. You can search the Internet for websites that have icon editors. These programs allow you to save the image in favicon.ico format. Once your image has been converted into favico.ico, you are now ready to publish it. To do this, you can simply upload the icon in the same directory where the file that you want bookmarked is saved. You are also not limited to only one icon. In fact, you can use different icons on every page in your website. You just need to add a link reference that points to the head of each HTML document that you intend to show the favicon.

If you’ve gotten this far, then guess what? You’ve just created your first beaded bookmark! With more practice, you can create even more fun beaded jewelry.

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